Fedorowich Construction Ltd. has always strived to deliver products that surpass the given standard and specifications for our jobs; with this in mind, our Quality Control department tests and monitors our materials, exceeding the minimum standard for testing frequency. Due to this stringent testing schedule, we are able to catch minute deviations that occur due to uncontrolled variables, such as changes in the consistency of the gravel pit. These changes are then communicated to the crushing supervisor to ensure consistency of the final product.

On top of the stringent testing schedule, individuals in our Quality Control department also understand the importance of bridging theory, practicality and application on the job. Our experience with varying size and quality of materials enables our Quality Control department to ensure that the appropriate material is being used based on the requirements of the job, and to ensure that the end product will meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

The ever changing construction industry, as well as the varying specifications that engineering firms are now using, has created a race for innovation. Due to these changes, Fedorowich Construction Ltd. has been using our Quality Control department and in house testing facility, to not only determine the material that will meet the specification, but to also look at variables that are beyond the specification, and that could play a vital part during and after the construction period. Specifications, such as those for subbase, often have a wide spectrum, and could fit varying types of material ranging from fine sand to coarse gravel. Our Quality Control Department reviews the intended material application, as well as the given specification from our clients, and proposes a material that not only meets specifications, but also exceeds it, by looking beyond the set specifications and considering the specific needs of the job.

Fedorowich Construction Ltd. believes in giving our clients the opportunity to make an informed choice when it comes to our products. Our experience and scientific knowledge is communicated so that our customers become educated regarding their options. This ensures that, at the end of the day, our clients will not only receive a quality product that suits their needs, but also experience the Fedorowich Construction Ltd. commitment to honesty and integrity.

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